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One of the strongest themes from last year’s Plymouth e-Learning conference was that of Personal Learning Environments, created by learners for their own ends and suit their own learning needs.

Shelley Terrell’s keynote brought this theme to the forefront, and discussed the power of these interlinked learning networks where an idea can ripple across the networks of huge numbers of individuals through the butterfly effect, as described in Steve Wheeler’s blog post here. Ripple these ideas did, and many of the posts in the blogosphere reflecting on the conference discussed the power of personal learning networks, facilitated by technology but with people and social connections at their centre.

A year on and what has changed? Participation in social media is becoming increasingly commonplace, but is it changing education for the better in the ways predicted this time last year, and for some time before? No doubt this will be a theme for this year’s conference; are we still future gazing or is the future here?


For More: Steve Wheeler on Social media ripples and PELC 11.

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